Family Violence Intervention

Family violence, or domestic violence, is a widespread social and public problem affecting millions of people here in the United States and around the world. The term Intimate Partner Violence has been used interchangeably, in research studies, with terms such as domestic violence, family violence, and spouse abuse. According to the CDC National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) report (2017), intimate partner violence affects more than 12 million people each year. For decades, research implicated men as batterer and women as victims. The most recent research shows that domestic violence affects both men and women. The Abuse can be: Physical, Emotional/Psychological, and Sexual.

Here in the United States, awareness of intimate partner violence as a serious social problem has grown over the past decades and continues to spread through outlets such as social media. Family Violence Intervention Programs (FVIPs) have been engaged in the national fight against intimate partner violence, since early 1980s. Domestic violence laws have become stricter than ever before, yet domestic violence remains a serious public health problem.

At C&PC, we have established a specialized division, the APIC Reflection Center, as a State Certified Family Violence Intervention Program. Through ongoing education and research, we commit ourselves to providing the best care possible for both victims and perpetrators.

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