APIC Reflection Center

State Certified Family Violence Intervention Program

In response to the ongoing need for more intervention programs in the State of Georgia, C&PC has created the APIC Reflection Center, dedicated to helping men and women who have experienced domestic violence in their intimate relationships. The program is open to those who attend voluntarily as well as those whose attendance is mandated by state courts.


The overriding mission of all FVIPs is to stop ongoing acts of family violence and to prevent their recurrence, through appropriate intervention with the perpetrators. The goals of  the program are safety and justice for victims of family violence, accountability of the perpetrators to the program and accountability of the program.

The program is taught in compliance with the SOP and policies of the Georgia Commission on Family Violence and Department of Corrections. All participants are expected to familiarize themselves with these documents.

The program utilizes a wide variety of techniques to confront abusive behavior. These include psychosocial education, group participatory exercises, structured feedback, self-evaluation, role-plays, skills training and practice, homework assignments, positive reinforcement, and cognitive behavioral techniques. In the process, the credentialed FVIP facilitator, who is also a licensed mental health professional, is able to assess participants for issues that may need psychiatric treatment, as well as alcohol and substance problems, and make appropriate referrals.

Program Structure


A one-time group orientation session explains the program structure and philosophy to prospective participants. Orientation is open to any man or woman from the public. (please call for dates and times).


Participants are screened through up to two hours of one-on-one work. Prospective participants meet with the FVIP director who will document the participant’s history of violence perpetration or victimization, alcohol and substance abuse issues, mental health problems, as well as willingness to accept change process.  In some situations, the orientation may be combined with the screening session.


State policy specifies 90-minute classes meeting once a week for 24 weeks. Currently classes are offered as follows:


Saturday   10:00-11:30 am (Men)
Wednesday 7:00-8:30 pm (Men)


LBTQ Community

Tuesday 12:30-2:00 pm (Women)
Thursday 7:00-8:30 pm (Men)

NOTE: Our program is multicultural by nature. We do not discriminate by color race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. We make every effort to accommodate individuals with special needs, such as the LBTQ community. If we have sufficient numbers of LBTQ members we may create classes for this special-interest group. Otherwise these individuals may attend the mainstream classes, based on their individual gender.

*** Please Note: There are no walk-ins. Classes are by appointment only ***

Please use our Contact Form to request an appointment, call us or text us with the best number to reach you. If court-ordered, please have all your court documents and police incidence report together. You can scan and email these documents or bring them to the orientation session.

To All Men

We try to get to know each participant as an individual—through self-reporting, screening tools, police reports, criminal background check and other relevant sources of information.  This helps us tailor your education program to your individual needs. When you call for information or walk through our door, we don’t see an abuser or a criminal; we see a human being who is going through challenges. Experience has taught us that not every man who is court-ordered to attend domestic violence classes is a perpetrator, and almost every man who comes to the program for the first time is upset by the court order.

Bring an Open Mind

If you have been ordered to the FVIP and you feel angry, we ask that you take your program attendance as an opportunity to be heard, an opportunity for self-reflection, a time to look at your relationship with your intimate partner and figure out what needs to be fixed.

Even if you feel that you have been wronged, we ask that you bring open mind to the program. After all, you have no choice but to complete the program. Why not make the best of the experience? As you will soon find out, you are not alone. There are other men who are in similar position, even though their circumstances may be different. This is an opportunity to talk with other men, give each other feedback, and learn from each other. Most people who have attended the program will tell you that when they first came to the program they were upset and hated being here, but as they progressed through the program, they learned a lot about how they could bring about positive changes in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

To Get Help Now

Please call us at 404-788-7890, or contact us by email, for more information or to request an appointment.